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This center is performing the research and development for rechargeable battery and low friction technique, especially focus on solving the problem concerning the nano-interface design. The nano-interfaces of these devices have not been well elucidated, which results in the energy loss at the interfaces and disturbs the development of such devices. This center performs researches according to the plan and directions described below, and will establish the principles for the optimized design of the nano-interfaces for accelerating the development of a highly efficient rechargeable battery and a low friction technique.

Research Plan and Directions

Strategies and Methods for Solving Problems:

Elucidation of structures as well as the dynamics of ion and molecules at electrodes and tribological interfaces on the atomic to nanometer scales.

Originality and Unique Techniques:

NMR and SIMS micro-imaging of chemical reactions in batteries; characterization of interfaces by surface forces and resonance shear measurement; fabrication of low friction interfaces using complex texturing.

Expected Outcomes:

Accelerated development of an innovative Li-ion secondary rechargeable battery and an innovative ultra-low friction technique, which are important for energy saving towards low-carbon society.

Main Open Facilities

  • Secondary ion mass spectroscopy
  • Spectroscopic measurement system for nano-interfaces

  • NMR micro-imaging of
    Li ion battery

  • Tribo-chemical simulator
  • Innovation Technologies toward Low-Carbon Society, TOHOKU UNIVERSITY.