Plenary Lectures, Progress Reports, Hot Topics

Plenary Lectures
Paul Corkum
(NRC, Canada)
"Probing Correlations between Electrons in Atoms and Molecules"
Dwayne Miller
(U. Tronto, Canada)
"Making the Molecular Movie: First Frames"

Progress Reports
Lorenzo Avaldi
(CNR-IMIP, Italy)
"Two-photon experiments combining synchrotron radiation and laser"
Ali Belkacem
"Probing non-Born-Oppenheimer dynamics in polyatomic molecules with two-color EUV pulse pairs"
Nora Berrah
(Western Michigan U., USA)
"Observation of multiphoton physics: First experiments using the LCLS X-ray FEL"
Paola Bolognesi
(CNR-IMIP, Italy)
"(e,2e) experiments on Mg and C60"
Igor Bray
(Curtin U. Tech., Australia)
"Single ionisation of helium by electron impact"
James Colgan
"Ionization of oriented molecules using the time-dependent close-coupling approach"
Claude Dal Cappello
(U. Paul Verlaine-Metz, France)
"(e,3e) and (e,3-1e) differential cross sections for the double ionization of water molecule"
Reinhard Dörner
(U. Frankfurt, Germany)
"Breaking the longest bond: Mechanisms of photo double ionization of the helium dimer"
Robert DuBois
(Missouri U. Sci. & Tech., USA)
"Differential positron and electron ionization studies: How a plus or minus sign makes a difference"
Daniel Fischer
(MPI-K, Germany)
"Dynamics in ion-impact induced double-ionization of atoms"
Omar Fojón
(CONICET-UNR, Argentina)
"Interference and non-Franck-Condon effects in ionization of H2 molecules by electron and photon impact"
G. Friedrich Hanne
(U. Münster, Germany)
"Spin-resolved electron-impact ionization of atomic targets"
Leigh Hargreaves
(U. Adelaide, Australia)
"Low-energy (e,2e) cross sections for molecules of environmental and technological relevance"
Akio Itoh
(Kyoto U., Japan)
"Multiple ionization and fragmentation of polyatomic molecules by fast heavy ions"
Per Johnsson
(Lund U., Sweden)
"Towards time-resolved electron diffraction from aligned molecules"
Azzedine L-Bennani
(U. Paris-Sud 11, France)
"Electron impact double ionization of rare gases: Predominance of non-first order effects at intermediate impact energy "
Chii-Dong Lin
(Kansas State U., USA)
"Ultrafast dynamic imaging of molecules with intense few]femtosecond infrared laser pulses"
Kazuhiko Mase
(KEK, Japan)
"Auger decays and ion desorption of surface molecules studied with Auger-photoelectron and electron-ion coincidence spectroscopy"
Robert Moshammer
(MPI-K, Germany)
"XUV-pump XUV-probe experiments at FELs"
Takeshi Odagiri
(Tokyo Tech., Japan)
"The generation of an entangled pair of H(2p) atoms in the photodissociation of H2"
Yaroslav Pavlyukh
(U. Halle-Wittenberg, Germany)
"Theory for coincidence spectroscopy of molecules and surfaces"
XueGuang Ren
(MPI-K, Germany)
"High resolution electron momentum spectroscopy (EMS) of molecules"
Ulf Saalmann
(MPI-PKS, Germany)
"Clusters in strong XUV and Xray pulses: Electron emission and proton ejection"
Sergey Samarin
(U. Western Australia, Australia)
"Spin-polarized two-electron spectroscopy at surfaces"
Michael Schulz
(Missouri U. Sci. & Tech., USA)
"Three-body dynamics in ionization of atomic hydrogen by proton impact"
Frank O. Schumann
(MPI-Halle, Germany)
"Electron pair emission from ferromagnetic surfaces"
Arne Senftleben
(MPI-K, Germany)
"(e,2e) on aligned hydrogen molecules - fully differential results"
Carmen A. Tachino
(CONICET-UNR, Argentina)
"Coherence and partial localization in electron emission from diatomic molecules"
Lokesh C. Tribedi
(Tata Inst. Fundamental Res., India)
"Collisions involving fullerenes and large molecules"

Hot Topics
Christopher J. Colyer
(U. Adelaide, Australia)
"Dynamical (e, 2e) studies using tetrahydrofuran as a DNA analogue"
Thomas Fennel
(U. Rostock, Germany)
"Clusters in intense XUV pulses: Ionization heating and time-resolved imaging of cluster space-charge potentials"
Takato Hirayama
(Rikkyo U., Japan)
"Surface sensitive measurement of excitonic processes in rare gas clusters by electron energy loss spectroscopy"
Akiyoshi Hishikawa
(Nagoya U., Japan)
"Single shot photoelectron spectroscopy of multiphoton double ionization of Ar in intense EUV laser fields"
Konstantin A. Kouzakov
(Moscow State U., Russia)
"Laser-assisted electron momentum spectroscopy"
Xinwen Ma
(Chinese Acad. Sci.,
P. R. China
"Molecular structure effects in the dynamics of ion-molecule collisions"
Kiyonobu Nagaya
(Kyoto U., Japan)
"Studies on interaction of clusters with intense EUV-FEL pulses at SPring8"
Francis Penent
(CNRS-UPMC, France)
"Multiple photo-ionization and multiple Auger decay in simple molecules"
Ghanshyam Purohit
(Sir Padampat Singhania U., India)
"Calculation of (e, 2e) triple differential cross sections of Mg in coplanar geometry"
Daniel Rolles
(CFEL, Germany)
"Time-resolved photoelectron diffraction on laser-aligned molecules"
Yoshi-ichi Suzuki
(Kyoto U., Japan)
"Femtosecond time-resolved photoelectron imaging of nitric oxide and pyrazine"
Xiao-Min Tong
(U. Tsukuba, Japan)
"Infrared laser assisted photoabsorption of atoms"

Updated on 12 July, 2010