All contributed abstracts (including those of invited speakers) must be submitted via this website.

Participants for MPS2010 are invited to submit abstracts on any of the conference topics. In addition to the invited sessions, poster sessions have been scheduled to encourage informal discussions between the participants.

Outline of the abstract submission procedure:

Please complete the following 5-steps to submit your abstract. If you experience any difficulties, please contact the conference office via e-mail:

Step 1. Preparing your original abstract:
    First, you need to prepare your original abstract in advance. The abstract should be prepared using the linked MS-Word or LaTeX Templates. The full length of the abstract is strictly limited to one page. Abstracts longer than one page will be rejected. The body text is typed in two column format and is single-spaced. For more details, please see the instruction provided in the MS-Word or LaTeX Template files.

Step 2. Converting your abstract into PDF format:
    Next, convert your abstract into PDF format. The file name of your abstract to be submitted should be "abstract_yourname.pdf". Abstracts larger than 1 MB will be rejected. If you cannot make the abstract smaller than 1 MB, please contact the conference office:

Step 3. Submission:
    Click the "Submit Abstract" button below to submit your PDF-format abstract.

Step 4. Auto reply:
    You will receive an e-mail from the conference office, stating that your abstract has been received.

Step 5. Confirmation E-mail:
    Finally, an e-mail from the organizing committee will be sent to inform you if the abstract has been accepted for presentation.